President Barack Obama,

I would like to thank you, and of course that anonymous staffer, for your letter dated 17 December 2013. I am very glad that you appreciate the many Americans who have contacted you and their various perspectives about the military prison on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

It is a very well written letter. Please congratulate the anonymous staffer for me. I foresee a future for her/him in other political campaigns. in time, I am sure that this staffer will be nominated to high office or may even run for elected office in their own right.

As well written as the letter is, it fails to address the fundamental issue I have with the prison on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

You promised to close this prison 5 years ago. This prison still has men held prisoner in it.

I have not heard that the Congress or the People of the United States have stripped you of your authority to issue pardons.

If you wanted to, you could issue pardons for these men held prisoner by our government.

I have not heard that the Central Intelligence Agency has closed all its offices abroad.

If you wanted to, you could order the CIA to un-kidnap ( or un-render if you prefer ) these men to where ever they happened to be 10-12 years ago when we kidnapped ( rendered ) them.

The CIA operation of unlisted airline flights is still in operation – the CIA had no problem smuggling the fugitive Robert Seldon Lady back into the United States.

The simple fact is that you really don’t want to close the military prison on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base to such an extent as to politically inconvenience yourself. It would be nice to close the prison down. But it is just too much work. You’ve appointed all the wrong sorts of people to oversee our Intelligence and Military services, who might otherwise have been your allies in closing the Guantanamo prison. These re-tread Bush and Clinton appointees are only out for themselves and their future appointments ( in a Republican administration ) and/or book deals. And the rank and file are just trying to keep their heads down and not be noticed.

If you ever did the things I suggest, leaks would appear from everywhere. Even among the Democratic members of Congress there would be massive leaks, let alone the Republicans. And in the Intelligence services themselves, well, they already leaked that information to Seymour Hersh with his latest reporting about Syria.

You have forgotten the reason, We the People, have given you that Executive pardon power. Not the power to imprison – the power to release. Not the power to punish – but the power to set free, and not just set free, but to expunge the record, to nullify all past court verdicts. You in your position as President, embody the Mercy of the American People as expressed by the government of our United States.

For quite some time now – there has been damn little mercy shown by the government of our United States.

These men have suffered enough. Please let them go.

You could do it today.

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President Barack Obama,

With the passing of Nelson Mandela, there have been many inspiring stories about his life, and many quotations of his soaring oratory about freedom. When I hear or read stories about freedom – I can only think about those who have had their freedom stolen from them – like the prisoners the United States is holding on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. What I would like to remind you of today are those same prisoners of the United States who have been approved for release or transfer but are still imprisoned by our country.

There are 28 men imprisoned at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base who have been approved for release or transfer by both the George W Bush and your administrations:

Al-Khadr Abdallah Muhammad Al-Yafi (ISN 34, Yemen)
Asim Thabit Abdullah Al-Khalaqi (ISN 152, Yemen)
Khalid Abd Elgabar Mohammed Othman (ISN 163, Yemen)
Mahmoud Al-Shubati (ISN 224, Yemen)
Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Ba Odah (ISN 249, Yemen)

Said Muhammad Salih Hatim (ISN 255, Yemen)
Fadhel Hussein Saleh Hentif (ISN 259, Yemen)
Suleiman Awadh Bin Aqil Al-Nahdi (ISN 511, Yemen)
Abdulkhaliq Ahmed Al-Baidhani (ISN 553, Yemen)
Fahmi Salem Al-Assani (ISN 554, Yemen)

Mansour Mohamed Mutaya Ali (ISN 566, Yemen)
Saleh Mohammad Seleh Al-Thabbi (ISN 572, Yemen)
Hussain Salem Mohammad Almerfedi (ISN 1015, Yemen)
Ridah Bin Saleh Al-Yazidi (ISN 38, Tunisia)
Adel Al-Hakeemy (ISN 168, Tunisia)

Hisham Sliti (ISN 174, Tunisia)
Abdul Bin Mohammed Ourgy (ISN 502, Tunisia)
Mohammed Abdul Rahman (ISN 894, Tunisia)
Saad Al-Qahtani (ISN 200, Saudi Arabia)
Shaker Aamer (ISN 239, UK)

Omar Hamzayavich Abdulayev (ISN 257, Tajikistan)
Mohammed Abdullah Taha Mattan (ISN 684, Palestine)
Nabil Said Hadjarab (ISN 238, Algeria)
Motai Saib (ISN 288, Algeria)
Ahmed Bin Saleh Bel Bacha (ISN 290, Algeria)

Abdul Sabour (ISN 275, China)
Khalid Ali (ISN 280, China)
Sabir Osman (ISN 282, China)

There are also 28 men imprisoned at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base that your administration has approved for release or transfer:

Idris Ahmad Abdu Qadir Idris (ISN 35, Yemen)
Fayiz Ahmad Yahia Suleiman (ISN 153, Yemen)
Sharif Al-Sanani (ISN 170, Yemen)
Muhammed Ali Husayn Khunaina (ISN 254, Yemen)
Ibrahim Othman Ibrahim Idris (ISN 36, Sudan)

Salem Gherebi (ISN 189, Libya)
Younous Chekkouri (ISN 197, Morocco)
Muieen Adeen Al-Sattar (ISN 309, UAE)
Ahmed Adnan Ahjam (ISN 326, Syria)
Ali Al-Shaaban (ISN 327, Syria)

Abdul Hadi Omar Mahmoud Faraj (ISN 329, Syria)
Jalal Bin Amer Awad (ISN 564, Yemen)
Sabry Mohammed (aka Al-Qurashi) (ISN 570, Yemen)
Hamood Abdullah Hamood (aka Al-Wady) (ISN 574, Yemen)
Saad Nasir Mukbl Al-Azani (ISN 575, Yemen)

Emad Abdallah Hassan (ISN 680, Yemen)
Abdel Ghaib Ahmad Hakim (ISN 686, Yemen)
Mohammed Ahmed Salam Al-Khateeb (ISN 689, Yemen)
Abdul Qader Ahmed Hussein (ISN 690, Yemen)
Mohammed Al-Zarnouqi (ISN 691, Yemen)

Jihad Dhiab (ISN 722, Syria)
Ahmed Abdel Aziz (ISN 757, Mauritania)
Belkacem Bensayah (ISN 10001, Algeria)
Shawali Khan (ISN 899, Afghanistan)
Khiali Gul (ISN 928, Afghanistan)

Abdul Ghani (ISN 934, Afghanistan)
Mohammad Zahir (ISN 1103, Afghanistan)
Djamel Ameziane (ISN 310, Algeria)

Why are these 56 men still imprisoned at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base?

These men have suffered enough. Please let them go.

You don’t even need to pardon them. You just need to do the right thing and give them back their freedom.

You could do it today.