The Secret

I am really impressed with Kindle Direct Publishing. I wrote a short story, and decided to try KDP – it was quick, and easy. Not sure how it would be if I were a young Gore Vidal publishing fiction on the cutting edge of what is acceptable to society; but for me this really worked. And I get 30% of anything Amazon makes. Amazing.

My short story is titled: The Secret: A Stellar Diaspora Short Story .

The Secret is available online as a Kindle book: for $0.99 or via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Senate Torture Report Executive Summary

I had thought that I had inured myself to this subject. Most of the information in this summary has been known to anyone who cared to know for some time. It is like being shut in a sealed room where poison gas has slowly, bit by bit, been released into the room over the last 12 years; and we suddenly realize that we are choking.

There is something startling though when the information is released officially. Even if the Senate select committee on Intelligence could not bring themselves to use the word ‘torture’ in over 6000 pages of report.

I would like one question answered  – by anyone in the former administration of George W Bush.

When the photos were released from Abu Ghraib prison, showing these torture policies in practice. Why did Bush Administration officials prosecute low level military officers and enlisted personnel for what was the official policy of the United States?

Our United States punished low level military people supposedly for abusing these prisoners – but really these military people (and the men who were their victims and prisoners) were just in the wrong place at the wrong time – and left holding the bag by their superiors.