Just Say No – TPP

President Barack Obama,


You have finally succeeded!

You have completely alienated your Progressive supporters. With your push in attempting to gain the authority to fast-track an up or down vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade agreement; we have been forced to accept the same conclusion as Brother Cornel West, in that we progressives collectively cannot respect you as a person or a leader.

    • Your excessive secrecy did not do it.
    • Your Intelligence agencies collecting the phone and Internet communications of everyone in the world did not do it.
    • Your continued operation of the no longer so secret Guantanamo Bay military prison, and other more secret prisons around the world did not do it.
    • Your Justice Departments priorities in persecuting whistle-blowers while not prosecuting torturers and war criminals did not do it.
    • Your Justice Department ignoring the greatest financial fraud in the history of the world, and refusing to prosecute those responsible did not do it.
    • Your escalated ( and lately de-escalated ) assassination of people ( by drone, and by United States military personnel ) overseas did not do it.

But finally, your single-minded, no hold barred pursuit of this trade agreement, which promises more profit to multi-national companies and fewer legal protections for your fellow citizens – THIS is where you focus your attention and time.

No one is more disappointed in you than myself.

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