More Hope

President Barack Obama,

I am pleased to read about yet another plan your administration is floating to close the military prison on the Guantanamo Bay Naval base.

Hopefully, it will not be like the plan floated last October, which just disappeared into the memetic ether: apparently not generating whatever the response your administration was looking for to be pursued further.

I have to continue to ask, to plead with you to remember that this is not just about a campaign promise you made 8 years ago. This is about men, wrongfully imprisoned, some killed, and many tortured. To you has been given the power and authority to pardon anyone wrongfully imprisoned by our United States. To you has been given the responsibility of showing mercy to those harmed by our governments’ actions.

There are many of our fellow citizens also wrongfully imprisoned, some killed, and many tortured, however our local police departments do not report to you. I have been asked why I have written to you so many times on this issue. The reason is that the problem of Guantanamo is so easy to solve. It all comes down to a decision of one man – you. Who else should I write to about Guantanamo? Your public position is that you want to close Guantanamo. You have the constitutional authority to pardon the men held prisoner there. Therefore, I just need to convince you to take the political heat to do the right thing. To do what you have already promised to do.

These men have suffered enough. You can pardon them today.

Guantanamo could be cleared of the 116 men still held there by the end of this summer.

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