Drone Statistics Update

Two years ago, I posted a letter to President Obama detailing what the Bureau of Investigative Journalism had documented about the deaths and injuries our United States has inflicted on the people of the middle east with our drone weapons. As the Intercept has recently published a series of articles about the drone war, it was past time to post again on this topic.

Casualty estimates

Reported deaths and injuries

Pakistan 2004–2015 CIA Drone Strikes

Bureau of Investigative Journalism complete Pakistan datasheet

Most recent strike: September 1 2015
Total strikes: 421
Obama strikes: 370
Total killed: 2,476-3,989
Civilians killed: 423-965
Children killed: 172-207
Injured: 1,158-1,738

Yemen 2002–2015 US Covert Action

Bureau of Investigative Journalism Complete Yemen datasheet

Most recent strike: September 21 2015
Confirmed drone strikes: 107-127
Total killed: 492-725
Civilians killed: 65-101
Children killed: 8-9
Injured: 92-223
Possible extra drone strikes: 81-97
Total killed: 338-490
Civilians killed: 26-61
Children killed: 6-9
Injured: 78-105

Other covert operations: 15-72
Total killed: 156-365
Civilians killed: 68-99
Children killed: 26-28
Injured: 15-102

Somalia 2007–2015 US Covert Action

Bureau of Investigative Journalism Complete Somalia datasheet

Most recent strike: July 15 2015
Drone strikes: 15-19
Total killed: 25-108
Civilians killed: 0-5
Children killed: 0
Injured: 2-7

Other covert operations: 8-11
Total killed: 40-141
Civilians killed: 7-47
Children killed: 0-2
Injured: 11-21


Most recent strike: October 19 2015
Confirmed strikes: 155
Total killed: 647-940
Civilians killed: 36-94
Children killed: 3-21
Injured: 116-121

Possible extra strikes: 32
Total killed: 168-217
Civilians killed: 0-3
Children killed: 0-2
Injured: 9

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