Drone Statistics

President Barack Obama,

I saw the following statistics on the Covert Drone War page over at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

The price is too high. It is not known how many we kill with these drone strikes; yet even with what is publicly known, these “covert” programs are an abomination. Every citizen of the United States should be deeply ashamed that these activities are conducted on our behalf, supposedly to protect us.

Casualty estimates

Reported deaths and injuries

Pakistan 2004–2013  CIA Drone Strikes

Total strikes: 376
Obama strikes: 325
Total killed: 2,525-3,613
Civilians killed: 407-926
Children killed: 168-200
Injured: 1,117-1,505

Yemen 2002–2013  US Covert Action

Confirmed drone strikes: 54-64
Total killed: 268-397
Civilians killed: 21-58
Children killed: 5
Injured: 65-147

Possible extra drone strikes: 82-101
Total killed: 289-467
Civilians killed: 23-48
Children killed: 6-9
Injured: 83-109

Other covert operations: 12-77
Total killed: 148-377
Civilians killed: 60-88
Children killed: 25-26
Injured: 22-111

Somalia 2007–2013  US Covert Action

Drone strikes: 3-9
Total killed: 7-27
Civilians killed: 0-15
Children killed: 0
Injured: 2-24

Other covert operations: 8-15
Total killed: 48-150
Civilians killed: 7-42
Children killed: 1-3
Injured: 13-21

Please stop these acts of aggression. Killing both terrorists and innocent people overseas is not keeping United States citizens safe. These acts can only lead to more deaths.

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