Just Say No – TPP

President Barack Obama,


You have finally succeeded!

You have completely alienated your Progressive supporters. With your push in attempting to gain the authority to fast-track an up or down vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade agreement; we have been forced to accept the same conclusion as Brother Cornel West, in that we progressives collectively cannot respect you as a person or a leader.

    • Your excessive secrecy did not do it.
    • Your Intelligence agencies collecting the phone and Internet communications of everyone in the world did not do it.
    • Your continued operation of the no longer so secret Guantanamo Bay military prison, and other more secret prisons around the world did not do it.
    • Your Justice Departments priorities in persecuting whistle-blowers while not prosecuting torturers and war criminals did not do it.
    • Your Justice Department ignoring the greatest financial fraud in the history of the world, and refusing to prosecute those responsible did not do it.
    • Your escalated ( and lately de-escalated ) assassination of people ( by drone, and by United States military personnel ) overseas did not do it.

But finally, your single-minded, no hold barred pursuit of this trade agreement, which promises more profit to multi-national companies and fewer legal protections for your fellow citizens – THIS is where you focus your attention and time.

No one is more disappointed in you than myself.

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2 thoughts on “Just Say No – TPP

  1. The Million Mask March started off as a single protest in Washington D.C. in 2013. It has since grown in to what has been dubbed the largest mass protest in human history with over 500 simultaneous protest around the world. Also with countless nation and world wide street actions on a weekly and monthly basis including such things as clothing drives, street protests, feeding the homeless and in some cases traveling to help those in times of need. To remind the world that fairness, Justice, and freedom are more than just words.

  2. One of the things that give me hope, is the way the IT community has maintained their integrity and their humanity. Who is it that made the war crimes of the United States government public?
    Chelsea Manning, Army Enlisted Intelligence Analyst and computer geek.
    No Officer of the United States who was in any way involved came forward.

    Abu Ghraib was made public also from an Enlisted man in the National Guard. (Not an IT guy per say)
    The doctors that helped the United States military design the torture programs did not come forward.

    Who was it that made the Intelligence crimes of the United States government public?
    It was Edward Snowden, IT contractor, systems administrator, computer security geek.
    Not the Congress, Not the press – although Seymour Hersh, Jeremy Scahill have certainly been doing excellent work pretty much on their own.

    Some of us who maintain the information infrastructure have answered the call. We are all human beings; brothers and sisters on this planet (scientific fact: every person on earth is descended from the same woman ) and we need to remember how to be kind to each other and how to care for each other.

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