President Barack Obama,

As I predicted, in my letter of 18 March 2014; the contents of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee report on CIA wrongdoing is leaking. Bit by bit, page by page, it is going to be published – unofficially if it must – but it is all going to come out. Every day you delay in ordering it declassified will be to the detriment of your legacy as the 44th President of our United States.

And this joke of the process of declassification! Allowing the CIA to determine what should be declassified in a report that the CIA never wanted compiled in the first place.

Your decision to passively allow this tug of war between the Senate Select Intelligence Committee and the Central Intelligence Agency is an act of non-feasance: a willful decision on your part to fail to act when you are legally obligated to act. Your decision not to act; to not designate some other group or organization to handle the declassification of the Senate report, or better yet – to just declassify the entire report: is a great insult to all Americans.

During the George W Bush administration, torture had became a routine part of the CIA toolkit. You are obligated under International treaty obligations to task the United States Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute those responsible. The fact that you have not done so is a further act of non-feasance on your part. You are now an accessory after the fact, and could be prosecuted for torture (crimes against humanity) yourself. I am sure that George W Bush and Richard Cheney are rather uncomfortable (at least I hope so) to leave the United States. George W Bush had to cancel a trip, Richard Cheney canceled this trip, because they had heard that they might be arrested in countries that take International law a great deal more seriously than we do. When you leave office; you’ll have to be careful about where you travel for the rest of your life.

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