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President Barack Obama,

This is my fortieth and last letter to you as president of our United States. I wrote a few letters to George W Bush, I am not sure whether I will write any letters to Donald Trump. As I reflect on those letters, my focus has consistently been to appeal to your humanity. To appeal to your empathy toward all people in your policy and decision making as the president of our United States. I have been harsh in my letters to you, but have I been harsh enough? I feel that I have failed my country, and all humanity in my efforts.

I’ve just read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article in the Atlantic, “My President was Black”.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, I believe, has captured in his article something essential about your view of the world. A much more optimistic view than either Ta-Nehisi Coates or I can conjure from our experiences living in our United States. I had written yet another letter critical of your presidency, but after reading and more importantly thinking about the Ta-Nehisi Coates article, I feel that your optimism in the American people which powered your elections to office; was also the fatal flaw which limited your effectiveness in office. I continue to believe that you could have been a more effective president, but it is just an academic argument now. Winter is coming, and we will all just have to survive as best we can.

I am encouraged by your plans of a post-presidential campaign to work against political gerrymandering. This is a useful fight. I wish you every success in this effort, and will do everything I can to support you in it.

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