Senator Dianne Feinstein,

I have been very critical of your oversight of the Intelligence Services of our United States – especially in my letter to you and the Senate Select Committee on 25 September 2014. I know it is difficult to go against these so-called Defense and Intelligence professionals. All of us are brought up to be polite to our parents, our teachers, and our leaders. But at some point, we become the parents, the teachers, and the leaders. We then have to make the decision: do we stand idly by (being polite and politic) and allow our country to descend into the abyss of state sanctioned torture and assassination, or do we call out these monsters who hide in the shadows of redacted documents; committing atrocities in the name of our United States.

Your releasing the Executive Summary of the Senate Select Committee report on CIA Wrongdoing РThe CIA Torture Report Рwas unexpected, and greatly appreciated. You seemed to only push for the release of this summary because you knew that with the 114th Congress; the Republican party becomes the majority in the Senate: and the new chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will most probably bury this report.

How I wish that our honorable Representatives, Senators, Presidents, etc. would base their actions on their beliefs and their own sense of right and wrong; rather than be forced to act because one faction (or other) gains control over part of our government. But then, I am an idealist, and I should not be overly critical of any fellow citizen who does our country a great service, whatever their reason.

I salute you, Senator Feinstein, for getting this information to the American people.

Thank you,

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