Republican Tax Reform

Email sent to West Virginian Republican Senator Shelly Capito on Dec 1, 2017 – before the Senate vote on the Republican Tax measure. Early Saturday morning (Dec 2), Sentor Shelley Capito voted for the Republican Tax bill.

Senator Shelley Capito,

I urge you not to support the current Republican Tax ‘reform’.
Why is it that in spite of perpetual budget deficits your party wants to cut taxes?
With the economy performing somewhat better, is it not time to start raising taxes instead of cutting them?
Why do corporations have to be bribed to pay their fair share of taxes on profits held overseas?
The government of our United States enforces tax collections on individual workers, why can it not enforce accounting rules for any corporation which has access to our markets to pay their taxes every year for the profits earned in US sales?

If a corporation chooses to leave the United States – enforce the excise taxes on that corporation (on a yearly basis) so that leaving the United States inevitably costs more than operating in the United States. Enforce a federal standard for State taxes so that corporations don’t just move their companies around our United States looking for the largest savings in local taxes.

Only with these sorts of controls will our government be able to enforce a level playing field for business, and corporations will then concentrate on the services and products they produce – not the games they need to play to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.