President Barack Obama,

I am glad to see you issuing your recent executive orders. With Congress tied up in partisan knots – especially in the House of Representatives – it is not likely that anything productive will come out of the Congress until after the mid-term elections.

There was a news story last week that I thought I might bring to your attention. It is Senator Feinstein’s change of heart about her friends at the CIA.¬†It is not christian, or gentlemanly of me; but I must now laugh at Senator Feinstein. She has certainly made of herself an idiot on this issue.

Even though Senator Feinstein has immunity to release the Intelligence committee approved¬†6000+ page report on CIA wrongdoing to the public – by simply publishing it in the Congressional record – she has not done so. Even after all the recent revelations leaving Senator Feinstein repeatedly embarrassed by the brazen lying of the Intelligence community to her oversight committee – she still does not understand or is too intimidated by the Intelligence services to do her job. She cannot even bring herself to use the word ‘torture’ in open session in the Senate of the United States: even after we all know that torture has taken place. She seems to have forgotten why she is in the Senate, and to whom she should be responsible.

One thing has kind of been overlooked in all the reporting on this issue. The Central Intelligence Agency works for you. As President of our United States, you can call the CIA and order them to do things. If they do not do them – you could order the army over to Langley, Virginia to take the place apart. But. you. have. not.

If you wanted to, you could order the declassification of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee report. Don’t you know by now, that a government report that is this damaging and sexy will be leaked by somebody? Some anonymous staffer in the Senate or in the CIA will leak the report. If you release this report, you can get out in front of this issue instead of having it drag you around like an over-sized dog. It is already being reported, that this is just the latest way that you are covering up the crimes of the Bush Administration. You are not running for office again. You have nothing to lose by declassifying this report and everything to gain. Your gain could be the restoration of the honor of our United States.

The report will be released: now or later.

The release of the report could be to your credit, or will add to your already established legacy of covering up for George W Bush.

It is up to you.

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