Representative David B. McKinley,

My name is Doug Mitchell, I moved to Parkersburg, WV from Des Plaines, IL in January of this year. I design and maintain computing environments; in my current job I am the operations manager (and systems designer) of a web based commodities trading platform.

I noticed in your recent email newsletter:

All across America, working families have been facing soaring premiums, skyrocketing deductibles, and limited choices because of Obamacare. I have listened to constituents and stakeholders who have raised concerns about the current healthcare system and one thing has been made perfectly clear: it’s collapsing. Families are not getting the care they need because they can’t afford the costs. Obamacare has become a train wreck and doing nothing for these working families is completely unacceptable.

On Thursday the House took an important step towards keeping our promise to reform healthcare. Now, as the legislative process continues, the Senate has the opportunity to review and modify the bill accordingly. Most assuredly, the final bill will be a compromise between the House and Senate versions. Everyone deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare coverage and that is exactly what we are trying to deliver.

What is unacceptable is this statement of yours. Anyone of your age that was around before the ACA (ObamaCare) was passed knows that healthcare in our United States has been a train wreck for at least the the last 30 years. The ACA has not been all that good, but at least it forced all the insurance plans to cover the basics. So what did the Medical Insurance companies do? They attacked the plan these selfsame Insurance companies wrote (single payer was never considered for the ACA). The Medical Insurance companies took a couple of years off in raising rates, then changed all the plans, even private employer plans. Raising rates, eliminating (or charging extra for) any coverage not expressly mandated by the ACA. The real flaw of the ACA was that it did not take into account the greed of the Medical Insurance companies or the mendacity and cruelty of Republican party officials – particularly on the state level. Such hate that the people of your party have for the American people: the poor, the infirm, anyone who has not been financially successful.

And now this abomination of a ‘heath care plan’ the AHCA you voted for last week. What could be better than depriving the American people of a lousy opportunity to buy somewhat affordable and standard health care insurance? Only the chance to also give the wealthy a tax cut. Robbing from the poor to give to the rich. Just like the ‘reforms’ in increasing social security payments while simultaneously lowering top marginal tax rates during the Reagan/Greenspan years, or the Reagan lie of trickle down economics. As an engineer, you should know by now that giving more money to wealthy people only makes the wealthy more wealthy. The government services that are cut to balance the books just make the poor more desperate. We have been doing this repeatedly for the past 30 years with disastrous results. (Like the meltdown in Kansas) Yet your party with the help of the compliant members of the Democratic party have not learned that cutting taxes will not result in more money collected. Cutting programs to help people get off their knees, does not make them more independent. It only makes them lose hope, it encourages a feeling of powerlessness, it causes them to give up.

I applaud your advocacy for coal miner pensions and health care. (My grandfather was a coal miner in Pennsylvania.)

But what about the rest of us in West Virginia and our United States?

Don’t we deserve health care too?

Why can every other wealthy (and some poor, like Cuba) country on earth afford healthcare for everyone but not our United States?

Doug Mitchell
USN – VAW 117 – 1981 – 1985
BSEE – University of Akron – class of 1991
Lay Chaplain – Bishop Anderson House Chicago – 2016
International Electronics and Electrical Engineers
Association for Computing Machinery

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